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I'm Ernest Gara, the founder of Baseline Fitness. Juggling a busy career and a family of five, I understand the struggle of finding time for consistent workouts. That's why I created Baseline Fitness - to provide simple and cost-effective fitness solutions.

At Baseline Fitness, we are committed to making your fitness journey enjoyable and fulfilling. Our goal is to keep you fit while saving you time. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, Baseline Fitness is here to support your fitness journey.

Our mission is to make fitness enjoyable and fulfilling for everyone. With ready-made training programs and a focus on simplicity, accessibility, and affordability, we want to ensure that achieving your fitness goals is within reach.

Let us handle the planning, so you can focus on showing up and being consistent. Join us at Baseline Fitness, where we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to kickstart their fitness journey without breaking the bank. It's time to make fitness a seamless part of your lifestyle!